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Find answers to frequently asked questions about City Broadband.

  • “What is the difference between City Broadband and other service providers?

    City Broadband is a broadband service provider and more. Unlike other providers, City Broadband is not just offering broadband access. In fact, City Broadband's broadband access solutions serve as the ultimate platform for a range of performance-enhancing solutions designed for the business market. For instance, enterprises will be able to take advantage of powerful solutions including Managed Router Service, Managed Firewall Service, VPN Service, wireless local LAN, and a range of other services designed to meet their increasing communication demands. Unlike other service providers, City Broadband connects to the internet through several of Malaysia's leading ISPs, thus ensuring maximum reliability and superior performance.”

  • “What kind of technologies does City Broadband use?

    City Broadband is technology agnostic and provides a state-of-the-art network and systems infrastructure to deliver its affordable bandwidth and value-added services to its customers. City Broadband is using several solutions in its network for high bandwidth connectivity including fiber optic infrastructure, high speed Ethernet and wireless technology.”

  • “Why is City Broadband's service better than ADSL?

    ADSL stands for Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line. It is a technology that transforms ordinary phone lines into high-speed digital lines for internet access. ADSL provides for asymmetric connection to the internet, in other words the speed for the uplink and the downlink are different. Thus for business customers needing to use the internet connection for high volume file transfers, data sharing or other applications that require high throughput, their performance will be affected. City Broadband's solution is based on the delivery of the broadband access over Ethernet, thus ensuring that the connection is symmetrical (same speed up and down) and that there is plenty of bandwidth all the way to your location to provide the best possible broadband connection speeds and reliable service.”

  • “Does subscribing to City Broadband automatically terminate my other internet accounts?

    No. The decision to retain or terminate any other accounts is entirely at your discretion.”

  • “Do I need an existing internet account to subscribe to City Broadband?

    No. We will provide you with internet access based on our reliable, high-speed, broadband connection. ”

  • “Do I have to pay installation charges?

    Yes. The amount will vary depending on the premises and/or plan you take.”

  • “What is the minimum City Broadband sign-on period?

    You may terminate your City Broadband account at any time. However, there will be an additional surcharge if your account is less than 12 months old.”

  • “Can Apple users on my network get access to the internet through City Broadband's service?

    Yes. Any computer connected to the customer's local area network will have access to City Broadband's services, including the internet.”

  • “If I move location, can I take my City Broaband service with me?

    Depending on the location you are moving to, City Broadband can arrange for a hassle-free relocation of your service within Cyberjaya.”

  • “Why does my connection speed to the internet occasionally slow down when I am accessing an overseas website?

    City Broadband provides fast access speed to the internet. But access speed is just one of the many factors which affect the throughput speed experienced by the internet user. Other factors are:

    Web server speed. A user would receive data from the internet only as fast as the web server can send them out. Typically, web servers are optimised to enable more simultaneous user sessions rather than faster throughput speeds

    Nature of internet traffic. This is not deterministic, i.e. sometimes there are blockages on the internet, which is beyond the control of an ISP or service provider.”

  • “Speedtest – How To Run And Understand A Speed Test?

    A speed test is a way to determine the maximum download and upload speeds your internet connection is able to achieve. The test works by downloading a sample of random data to your computer then sending that sample back out and timing how long each transfer took. The results of the test will give you a speed rating in kilobits per second (Kbps) or megabits per second (Mbps). You can use that information to compare internet providers and validate the speed your service runs at.

    There are many online speed test available and we recommend using Speedtest.net by going to http://www.speedtest.net and click Begin Test.

    In a few minutes you should see a result with a ping time, a download speed and an upload speed.”

  • “How can the speed of the internet be improved?

    The internet infrastructure is constantly being upgraded to handle rapidly increasing usage. In addition, the internet backbone has grown in an unplanned fashion and a connection may see 20 or more routers. All these create a significant delay in overall throughput speed. A great deal of work is underway to improve the internet experience by:

    increasing server access speeds

    improving backbone and NAP (Network Access Point) bandwidth

    increasing router speed

    introducing ATM into the backbone for much lower latency

    implementing proxy or cache servers for frequently visited web pages to create local access.”

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